Sell Your Vehicle

Chico Nissan is your local Kelley Blue Book buying center. There is no need to wait weeks to sell your car, get real money for your current car, walk out with a check in hand, or use it towards your next car. As a KBB buying center, selling and buying data from thousands of real transactions is being collected to determine fair range prices that adjust to the market in real time.

Start by filling out the form below, your instant cash offer will be good for 7 days. This offer is contingent on an inspection done at the dealership, within 7 days, bring your car in to be inspected by a pro and get your final offer. If you decide to apply it right to the cost of a new car a member from our team will be ready and happy to help you. Otherwise, you will walk away with a check in hand the same day, no obligation, no purchase necessary!

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